Flashback had their debut on the square at Sumter Landing on October 23 with more appearances planned in the future. Keep an eye open for our next appearance. Check our calendar or subscribe to our newsletter. We will typically be billed as "Dawn DiNome and Flashback" but NOT "FLASHBACKS" (note the S at the end)

 ALERT!  There is a new band called "Flashbacks" (with an "s" at the end) which is now performing at the squares in The Villages. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS DIFFERENCE.   If you see an ad in the Daily Sun for  FlashbackS performing at the square, it is not our band.  

Also there is a new web site that also lists Flashback events, includes videos of live performances AND allows you to purchase tickets for upcoming dances. Check out http://www.dawndinomeandtheflashbackband.com/

 Take a look at our calendar, there is lots of fun stuff coming up in October.













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